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Pre flight checks
Pre flight checks After a crash


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    Phantom and Mavic Pre flight check list

  1. Check your drone for defects.
  2. Check your batteries are fully charged.
  3. Check your battery is fully locked in.
  4. Check your props are tightened and locked on correctly.
  5. Remove your gimbal guard.
  6. Check your transmitter aerials are pointed up.
  7. Set your Phone to Airplane mode.
  8. Power up your transmitter and start the DJI Go App.
  9. Power up your drone.
  10. Wait for it to get GPS "Ready to Go (GPS)".
  11. Take off and hover for 5 seconds to allow your drone to get a good image of where it took off from.
  12. You're done and ready to fly :) .


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