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No image transmission


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P3P No image transmission signal repair

This fault is normally caused by a Nand-flash ship loosing its programming. To confirm this check your SD card after you have tried to update it for the hiding log called LOG_AB. To find this hidden folder you will need to set your pc to show hidden files. 

How to show hidden files.

Once you find the Log look for these 2 errors below.

[00245222][15 00][00] device not detected.
[00258216][08 00][00] device not detected. 

This fault can be normally fixed by re-flashing the chip. To do this the gimbal top board needs removed and wires soldered directly to the board from a serial programmer. This requires a high level of soldering and computer programming skills.

How to repair the gimbal

To get this repaired book a repair here and we will do the hard work for you.




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