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Tips and Guides for DJI Drones

Welcome to my Drone tips and guides website. Yes its a bit stone age made on Microsoft FrontPage 2000 but it does the job. :)

This website is new and will be getting more information added soon.

About Phantom Repair

Phantom Repair is a part of AB Repair that is dedicated in Drone repair. I have been trained in repairing drones and have been repairing drones since 2013. 

I was a DJI authorized repairer for Heliguys and their main tech. I built and repaired all types of drones and have fixed over 500 DJI Phantoms myself. I have also built Pro drones such as the Freefly Cinestar HL8, Heliguy Ikurus, DJI S1000 used in TV shows for the BBC, Ch4, Racetech, Game of Thrones and movies such as Star Wars and more.


I have certificates in BS 7671 (17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations), AM2 Certificate of electrotechnical occupational competence, Certificate in electrotechnical  installation (Buildings and structures) and Certificate in Performing engineering operations.

Our Mission

To repair all broken drones and give customers the best value without loosing quality.

Tips and Guides for DJI Drones

Before you fly your drone
Pre flight checks
What to do after you crash your drone
DJI drone faults
No image transmission
Drone Guides
Getting DJI TXT flight logs
DJI Battery Calibration
Phantom 3
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