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Repair terms and conditions


When repairing your drone we always carry out high quality work and test your drone is in good condition. We test its GPS, compass and IMU. However drones can fail for many reasons such as loss of signal, signal jamming, loss of GPS, battery failure, motor failure and more. You must always use your drone in compliance with drone laws in the country you are flying in and think of other peoples safety.
The test flight we carry out do not constitute any kind of airworthiness certification and we do not guarantee that other parts of the drone are functioning correctly. We are not responsible for any damage or injuries to people or property you may cause wile using your drone. For more information on how to fly safely visit We try to use genuine parts for repairing drones when possible. If Genuine parts are unavailable we may use high quality 3rd party parts to repair your drone.

Our warranty For drones and all items we repair

Repair warranty

When you send your item to us for repair it comes with a 12 month warranty on the parts we used to repair it unless we have stated over wise before you have booked your repair. That warranty does not cover crash damage, user damage or damage by firmware.

Any faults that are not directly related to the original repair are not covered under our warranty.

 Repairs carried out by other repairers our yourself will invalidate the warranty.

How our warranty works

If your item has failed within 12 month of paying for a repair then you can send your item back to us and one of our techs will asses your item to find out the fault. Please allow up to 14 for us to find the fault. If parts we fitted have gone faulty then we will replace that part for free and pay for the return postage with standard postal insurance (around 20 - 100 cover depending on the postage service). If the fault was caused by user error then you will be billed for the repair and postage as normal. If the fault is cased by another fault on your drone that was not there the first time we fixed your drone then you will be billed for the repair and postage as normal. The Warranty starts from when your drone is received and is not extended when you send a item for a warranty repair.

If you are unhappy with a repair

If you are unhappy with our repair for any reason you can return it to us with in its warranty and we can remove the new parts and refund the parts and labour and post it back to you. However we may not be able to refit your old parts if we no longer have them. In some cases we can send you over a refund for the labour if you wanted to keep the new parts. Please note we do not refund any postage.


If your item is lost or damaged beyond repair whilst with us for repair, our liability will be limited to the cost of providing a replacement product either the same or similar to the original item.

Postage terms and conditions

Posting your item to us

We recommend when posting your item to us that you ensure it is tracked, signed for and insured.

In the event your item is lost or damaged by your chosen courier, it is your responsibility to ensure you instigate an investigation with that company. We do not get involved in disputes between you and the courier.

Return postage

When returning your item to you we will post it with the standard insurance amount (around 20 - 100 cover depending on the postage service) or the amount you selected wile booking your repair on our step 3 page to cover damage that may happen to your item wile in postage.

Shop Return Policy

If a refund is preferred, it can be processed only after receipt and inspection of the defective merchandise at our office. Please allow 5 working days.
If the defective or working product is returned with customer imposed damage (scratches, permanent markings, and incurred while in possession of the customer) then the product will be submitted to the manufacturer on your behalf for coverage under the manufacturer's warranty, or you will be refunded in an amount similar to the price of a used product in the same condition as the returned one.

to contact us

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