I don't know what's wrong with my Phantom, what should i do?

Speak to one of our techs by email or you can fill in our enquiries form. They will be happy to get you flying again

How long does it take to get my Drone back?

We have most repairs back to you within 1 week. If we need to send away for parts to repair your Drone this will add a few days. We will keep you updated about any delays via E-Mail

What things do i need to post to you?
What to send
  1. Controller
  2. 1 set of props (If you have any)
  3. 1 batery (Unless it a Phantom 3/4 as we have them)
  4. Battery charger (Unless it a Phantom 3/4 or Mavic Pro as we have them)
What not to send
  1. Ipad
  2. SD carts
  3. Faulty batteries
  4. Smart phone
  5. Laptop
How much will it cost to get my Drone fixed?

we charge only 35 an hour with most phantom 3 repairs costing only 52.50 labour

To get a repair estimate fill in our Enquiries form and ask for a estimate

Price match

Find a price cheaper on any UK drone repair site and we will try to beat it.

Postage price

To get a return postage price use our Postage price estimator

What faults can not be repaired

Phantom 1 & 2 notes

DJI do not make parts for the Phantom 1 & 2 any more so please use our Enquiries form before booking your repair to make sure we can get the parts for your repair.

Phantom 2 Vision + camera gimbal faults

We can not get parts for the gimbals any more so Phantom 2 gimbal faults can not be repaired

Phantom 2 Vision + Video down link

We can not get Phantom 2 Vision WI-Fi units any more so video faults can not be repaired

What if you can't fix my Phantom?

If we can't fix your Phantom we will not charge for looking at it. We will only charge the postage

Got a question not answered above?

Get in touch and will be happy to help