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phantomrepair.co.uk is part of AB Repair. We have been repairing since 2005 and have been fixing drones since 2013.

AB Repair. offer repairs, spares and installations.
We offer a wide range of services such as Drone Repairs, Electrical repairs, CCTV installation, GHD PCBs, valve amps, at low prices with no fix no repair fee by our "real" qualified experts who have fixed over 15'000 devices.

Our main tech Scott was the main repair and heavy lift drone builder at Heliguy for over 2 years and Drone Ops for over a year

Our techs are experienced in fixing all types of drones and have fixed over 400 DJI Phantoms and have also built drones used in TV shows for the BBC, Ch4 and movies such as Star Wars and more

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